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Just like these thousands of students, you too can build an online business that gives you financial freedom, allows you to be your own boss, and lets you work from anywhere in the world, on your own time.

This event will change your life forever, and the best part about this free workshop is….

You will be surprised with door gifts when you attend our free workshops. Using our proven formula, you only need 1 hour daily using social media platforms to create extra weekly income without quitting your day job.


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Here are what you will discover in this free training

  • Identify the exact product(s) that ignited a massive buying frenzy like ‘iPhone’ that generated more than $12 Million in total volume sales online in year 2014.
  • Start a profitable internet business without a domain name, website or any technical skills.
  • Share the same proven system we have been using to start your online business instantly – with a small budget and no internet knowledge.
  • Run a successful online business without stocking inventory, handling logistics or hiring staffs.
  • Learn some of the biggest myths that stop most people from starting a high profit online business.
  • Sell REAL products online for big, reliable paydays (no more eBook crap!)
  • Don’t worry about sourcing, billing, creating a website, driving traffic, or any of the ‘grunt work’ that has been holding you back.


Our events are always full-house (in Singapore & Malaysia)

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Feedback & comments from those who attended our past events

“This is the best training I have ever seen.”

“WOW I’m amazed… After attending the free seminar, I start to generate income in second weeks!” – Richard Ong

Thank you Darren for bringing me to this seminar. It’s entertaining, enlightening and the time is worth investing to generate the returns.
Annette Wang
Indeed, no need to take up much of my personal time, I have already earned my first revenue. Quite an easy source of income! 🙂
Raymond Tan
My mindset for money business making opportunities are often skeptical, but this time I have received my pay weekly. Unbelievable! You can continue your day time job and yet earn extra income, WHY NOT?
Liu Xinyi
“If you are still deciding to join or not, you are wasting the TIME! Come for the seminar and you will see the power of those successful ones sharing their secrets with you. Definitely a good place to interact with more networking!”
Bruce Chin
“I have a lot of friends, so I shared my experience I had and intro them in as well, they too had their fair share of success. I believe such lobongs should be spread and more should know.”
Alva Lee
“Initially, I thought this was a scam or fake website, but because it was recommended by a close friend; I gave it a try. I attended the seminar and signed up on that day. I became part of their sales team and today I have quit my full time job, focusing full time as my NEW found CAREER! FYI, you need not fork our a single cent!”
Darrell Tan
“I still can spend time with my family and no personal time is sacrificed so far. I have encouraged several of my stay at home mums to join me and so far they have been to do pretty decently. I will highly recommend those who have family, or commitments to try this. Not much time or capital is required!”
Jen Low
“I’m glad I convinced myself that I gave this business opportunity a try. My wife and I are now doing this to support our errands and daily expenses. It has enough, more than enough and to go for holidays as and when you need to. No need to answer to your bosses, no need to apply for leave. This a is an absolute FREE & EASY JOB!”
Colin Ng
“For those who have been scammed before, do give this opportunity a try. Or rather for those who has been trying to hunt for a new job, do not waste your effort. Just look for Darren and he will register you for a FREE seminar and listen to those powerful and successful people share their money generating secrets. Your mindset will be open and you will try it! believe it or not, I got my 3rd month income recently and it’s getting bigger!”
Yvonne Koh


Seats are allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis

Online Business Apprenticeship – UnStoppable Success

“You don’t need any experience to start building your legacy. Life is all about leveraging on systems.”

Shaw Towers100, Beach Road, Singapore 189702



Please fill up the online reservation form to ensure a seat – Strictly no walk-ins

Seats Left in Singapore

Hurry Up! Seats Are Filling Up Fast!

This 2 hours workshop is totally sponsored by us and there will not be any fees involved.

All the Mondays and Wednesdays of October – Classes are in Mandarin (3 Oct, 5 Oct, 10 Oct, 12 Oct, 17 Oct, 19 Oct, 24 Oct, 26 Oct)

All the Tuesdays and Thursdays of October – Classes are in English (4 Oct, 6 Oct, 11 Oct, 13 Oct, 18 Oct, 20 Oct, 25 Oct, 27 Oct)

Title :

Free Seminar Series Leading You To Unstoppable Wealth

Date :

Mandarin Classes – October 3, 5, 10, 12, 17, 19, 24, 26 2016

English Classes – October 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25, 27 2016

Time :

7:30pm – 9pm (Registration starts at 7:15pm)

Venue :

Shaw Towers, 100 Beach Road, Singapore 189702